Healthwatch Because we care®

Main features

Heart rate monitor

The person’s heart rate wearing a healthWatch is constantly monitored using a bio impedance sensor. Sudden changes in heart rate can be interpreted by the healthWatch’s software. The range of normal heart rate will be calibrated by a licensed physician. This method can be an effective way of predicting cases of sudden cardiac arrest or alerting emergency services in actual cases of sudden cardiac arrest.


Healthwatch constantly keeps track of the location of the individual wearing the Healthwatch. A necessary feature for persons suffering dementia, disorientation or any kind of illness jeopardizing the lack of location awareness. It will also use the intelligence to establish the movement patterns of a Healtwatch carrier.

Sudden fall alert

Sudden movements resulting in a sudden halt ,without any following movement, can be an indication of trouble. Once the device detects a person has fallen it will ask for a confirmation that he/she is fine. In case no response is detected, family/caretakers/emergency services will be notified.

Emergency communication button

There is a crucial button installed for whenever an emergency occurs, enabling the ability to contacts emergency responders, while simultaneously alerting caretakers. Microphone and audio is there.